Fall Veggie Hash

Fall Vegetable Hash

A hearty and tasty Fall veggie hash.




1/8 of red onion

2 Garnet yams, diced in a 1/4 inch dice

2 Kohlrabi, diced in a 1/4 inch dice

Kohlrabi greens, chopped

1 bunch Lacinto kale, chopped 


In a dutch oven, you will saute the veggies in batches. Start by heat a 1/2 t of your oil and saute the onions until caramelized. Set the onions aside. Now saute the yams until softened and caremlized adding the remainder of the oil as needed. Set aside. Follow that with the Kohlrabi and saute until brown and softened adding the remainder of the oil as needed. Set aside. Or alternatively roast the veggies on a large sheet pan. Now saute the kale and kohlrabi greens. Add a tablespoon of water and cover and braise for 10 minutes. Once the greens are cooked, add the other veggies and cover and cook for another 10 minutes or until the kohlrabi and yams are softened all the way through. 

Now make the eggs any way you prefer. We like them over-easy or sunny side up for this dish. Poached would be great too. Top the veggies with the eggs and enjoy!